13 Feb

Large cave discovered under neighborhood in TX

The cave stretches 200 feet, an extra 30 feet farther than originally thought. It was discovered when part of it collapsed last week. (Source: Williamson County, TX/KXAN/CNN)

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, TX (KXAN/CNN) – Engineers say a massive cave found underneath a neighborhood is bigger than they thought.

People who live above the cave are anxious to find out if they are in any danger.

A new team got a spectacular view of the Cambria Cavern. Five structural engineers found even more space when they descended below.

The cave stretches 200 feet, an extra 30 feet farther than originally thought.

Crews are trying to figure out if the rest of the cave is stable after part of it collapsed last week.

Structural engineers will continue to work with hydrogeologists who may go back down into the cave to get more measurements.

Neighbors are getting antsy.

"I was under the impression it would be today, and I’ve been putting off other plans in my life to be here because I don’t want to miss when they come knocking on the door with some information," said Michelle Mitchell, whose home is above the cave.

She wanted to know how close the cave is to her home.

"I would be anxious if I found out there was only about ten inches between me and the opening of the cave or, you know, the ceiling of the cave," Mitchell said.

The county said when utility lines were installed 30 years ago, it weakened part of the cave ceiling, which may have caused part of it to collapse.

"It was just that area that appears to be affected, but that’s all that we know, so we’re telling the homeowners they really need to make their own individual decisions right now," said Connie Odom, public affairs manager with Williamson County.

Utility officials said they did not know this cave existed because it didn’t have a surface opening.

It’s the only one they are aware of in the neighborhood, but there are about 35 other caves nearby.

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