21 Jan

Finding San Antonio TX News From The Fringes

Have you ever felt as if the traditional San Antonio TX news sources miss the mark on what you actually care about? It should come as no surprise really; a lot of the news stories you see shared throughout mainstream media seem to focus on the worst of the worst for the sake of drawing in ratings. Television reports are especially guilty of leaning heavily on whatever story might seem the most dramatic and head-turning.

While many unfortunate events do take place on a local level, that’s not all there is to the city by any means. In some cases, you have to look to the fringes in order to really keep your finger on the pulse. With that in mind, make sure you use the following resources if you’re looking for whatever might be new in San Antonio:

1 – Reddit

Reddit is a content aggregate website with countless smaller communities riddled without. There’s a booming section for San Antonio in particular where normal citizens gather to discuss upcoming events that might be easily overlooked otherwise. You might even find some new friends to hang out with!

2 – Twitter

You should also be sure to checkout the San Antonio hashtag on Twitter. If something interesting is happening, other residents that are already at the scene will probably be sharing commentary, photos, and video from the cell phones on Twitter. Information spreads quickly here, so be sure to check in often.

3 – Facebook

Facebook is much the same, with the added bonus of groups and San Antonio official pages where communities of people can really come together. This is a fantastic source for finding out about upcoming events or new restaurant openings. Just try not to get too sucked in: Facebook can be a time-sink like no other!

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