19 Jul 2017

Inmate gets four guards pregnant!

Get ready for today’s Weird News of the Day. Reports indicate that the White, who was an inmate at the Baltimore City Detention Centre, was able to not only deal drugs, but get four guards pregnant while he was incarcerated. White claims that he was able to bribe the guards with sex and money, and in return they assisted him in running a lucrative drug trade while in jail.

White, who was initially in jail on charges of attempted murder, was recently sentenced to 12 years in prison for thefunction he played in this prison corruption scandal. He was facing up to 20 years in jail but got a reduction of his sentence after he pleaded guilty and became a witness for the prosecution.

Prosecutors labeled White as a gang leader, who ruled the Baltimore jail. He had asignificant influence over the guards, clearly exemplified by his ability to get up to four of them pregnant between 2009 and 2013.  Prosecutors argued that with his clout, White was able to not only influence crimes in jail, but also outside the prison walls.

Interestingly, the Baltimore inmate claimed that he never pressured any of the guards to assist him with his smuggling activities. White posits that the guards were more than motivated by the sex and money which he offered and were willing participants in the scheme. As he became a principal witness for the prosecution, White assisted in convicting up to 39 other individuals in the scandal. Many of those convicted were members of his gang. For his assistance, White was rewarded with a reduction of this own prison sentence.

As predicted, inquiries have been asked about the prison guards who not only participated in the jail smuggling ring, but also had sex with the inmate, and ultimately got pregnant for him. The way he ran the prison led him to live a life of opulence behind bars. One Baltimore resident said she was ashamed of the way in which the jail was being run. “He may have well been living in some luxury apartments San Antonio has some good ones. I didn’t know Baltimore had the same in our jails”, she exclaimed with disgust.

Though it is certainly not unusual for criminals to bribe guards, for their assistance in drug smuggling operations in prisons, it is certainly not the apparent and expected norm for guards to be bribed with sex. Another resident said half-jokingly, “that sex must have been good. But even so, I do not see how I could throw away my life and career in that way. Those guards are a disgrace!”

Others have placed their attention on the kids, who will no doubt be affected in this manner. “So mommy and daddy are both now in jail. What happens to those poor, innocent kids? The crazy and unforgiving world that they have been brought into”, one male resident said with a heavy sigh. It is alleged that White is to be offered some level of protection by the government against potential reprisals from his fellow gang members.

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